Why Oistos? Sagitta is latin for “arrow” the constellation of the First Decan of Capricornus.  The Greeks called this constellation Oistos also meaning “arrow”. In Hebrew the constellation is Sham. The word “arrow” in Hebrew is equal to 108 where 1 equals Lord and 8 equals Jesus. The constellation is the picture of a lone arrow. It is known as the arrow that Go sent forth. It is the mysterious divine arrow or justice. [Valjean Tchakirides; Secrets of the Divine]

I recognize that often in life things do not go according to plan. Sometimes things need to be pulled back in order to be shot forward – just like an arrow; however strong the pull the pain follows suit and then the farther forward we are shot. I hope this blog brings truth and hope. My intention is for these posts to point true north – to the One who gave me ears to hear tears and laughter, and gave me words to speak comfort and compassion.


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