Mese Uno



The slow murmurs and buzz in the air had me entranced. It was methodic and spontaneous all at once. The turf was a vibrant green, freshly manicured and painted. In one collective voice the fans shouted each players last name. You could hear the excitement and dedication in each declaration. The vibrant red jerseys popped off the field so you could see every intricate move the players made. As the anthem started every scarf was raised in adoration. Roma! Roma! Roma! Each voice melded with the next. I couldn’t have imagined anything more beautiful in that moment than this group of people united by love of the game.


Two Cents

So here it is so far. I’ve been in Italy for almost three weeks and have learned some very valuable lessons. Here are my two cents on the eternal city as of now:

  1. Everyone needs to bring keys – even if you are going to the same event.
    • Someone is gonna want to go to sleep (aka me) and then someone will spend the night locked out (aka my roommate).
  2. I’m convinced people wear big dark sunglasses, so no one can see how lost they are – kid u not every street looks the same
  3. Communication with a cellphone that only works on wifi is very difficult. [Get a SIM card]
  4. Even if you speak to someone in Italian people will respond to you in English – no matter how badly you want to learn Italian.
  5. When people say you can’t find peanut butter in Europe they are lying to you… sort of. You can find it but it’ll be a little more expensive than you’re used to.
  6. Eat pizza every day. It’s incredibly cheap and magically delicious. [For real, 3 euro for a whole cheese pizza]
  7. If you’re a female and a brunette get some black clothes, learn to stop smiling and make some Italian friends, you will fit in quite nicely.
  8. If you’re blonde – au natural – give up now, there’s no hope for you to blend in.
  9. There is an entire month dedicated to sales every six months. January/June [I’m talking 20 euro designer clothes people].
  10. Last but certainly not least, eye contact here means very different things, so ignore EVERYONE.

There you have it. Now you’ll officially be able to survive in Italy for 3 weeks.